About Us

Our Vision

  • We want people to experience the good news that Jesus proclaimed
  • We want to encourage every believer to grow in character
  • We want to help every believer reach their full potential in God
  • We want the church to be an expression of family life
  • We want the church to be a positive influence in the community
  • We want to work in partnership with other churches in the area

Who we relate to

North Heath Family Church is a Christian family based in Erith, Kent. We are part of Church of the Nations (CotN) and relate to the Jubilee Cluster – an international family comprising nearly 2,000 churches in some 40 nations (visit www.cotn.org for further information). Started over 10 years ago, North Heath Family Church is one of a number of CotN churches to be established in and around London.

Family is at the heart of everything we do at North Heath Family Church.
Read our Statement of Faith and about our Core Values.